The F-word

The F-word.


One of the most widely used words, which the USA has bestowed the rest of the world with, is "FUCK". No matter what your language is, you too probably glued that word in one of your sentences as well. Scottish Comedian Billy Connelly made a nice explanation about it on YouTube years ago. I posted the fucker twice on Facebook, and the second time it was removed because it was a fucking 'violation against Community Standards'. Well, fuck me...


You see, when you use 'fuck' too much, you're fucked. Fuckbook Jail will be looming for me now after this post. The fucking Powers That Be, in collusion with those fucking Mass Media, have imposed so much 'fuckology' on us, that we're all fucked-up in our brains today. They produce so much 'fuckery' that all of us have no fucking clue what the fuck is correct or not. If you look around on our fucking planet, you can see this huge 'fuckening' developing.


I'm abso-fucking-lutely for showing some fucking respect for those fuckers who deserve it. However, I don't give a flying fuck about those fucking snowflakes who are fucking offended by the slightest statement that doesn't fit their fucked-up views. I say: fuck you! No fucking way I'm going to be conditioned that way. I'm a fucking warrior who, as a brutally honest motherfucker, will always take a fucking stand against a 'clusterfuck' like that. So, fuck it!


Well, and fuck me! Last time I posted this fucker some seven fucking months ago, I did not end up in fucking Fuckbook Jail. I was fucking surprised. However, this fucking post may vey well turn me the fuck in there this fucking time. It fucking beats me why the fuck it didn’t fucking happen. But hey, fuck it! I will definitely fucking continue to be fucking honest, about any fucking subject I fucking desire. Not that I fucking want to, but maybe I’m fucked now.


(Actually, I'm a fairly decent guy. Believe me...)