Corona late bus shift

Amsterdam Corona Bus Late Shift Impressions


The Netherlands is in an ‘intelligent lockdown’ with a 21.00-04.30 hrs curfew. This means, on average, that the streets around our country are virtually empty at night. As our Government and their Virologist advisors have us believe, we are embarking on a ‘third Corona wave’. So, as I see it, after 2020, 2021 will be ‘lost’ to all of us as well. I know Corona is real. But, it seems that this ‘Virolocracy’ will be with us for quite a while, reeking havoc on all aspects of our, once sort of blooming, society.


Being a city bus driver in Amsterdam makes me an employee who is regarded as ‘vital’. This means that, even with a curfew in place, we are supposed to drive around our coaches 24/7 despite no passengers being present. Steering my steed through our now desolated Capital, my birth ground which normally is always vibrant, buzzing with activities and full of foreign tourists, feels like a combination of the ‘I Am Legend’ movie and the ‘Twilight Zone’. But a very bad B-movie script.


We, the Medical Workers, Police, Fire Department, Ambulances, Military and Public Transporters, we all stand post during these times. While all others are confined to their homes. Roaming the empty streets and roads of Amsterdam like this is basically no fun at all. ‘Just be glad you have a job’. And yes, I am glad. But by God, how I yearn for that open, vibrant society again. Like everybody else. In the meantime, I drive around, silently. Here are some of my impressions ‘on the road’ on a late shift.


Feel the atmoshere...